Monogam-ish Podcast

Hosted ByJustina & Kenji Fullwood

Monogam-ish Podcast is a podcast dedicated to sharing stories about the community and culture of Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, and Swinging.

Episode 56: No Labels, Only Love Part 1 – How To Build A Triad Relationship Successfully

In this episode of Monogam-ish Podcast, Justina and Kenji talk to a beautiful throuple whose names sound like notes in a solfeggio, Ray, Rae, and Lei. Ray and Rae are a married couple who met after Ray got out of a messy relationship; Rae had a child at a young age and only wanted a casual hook-up. Still, they caught feelings for each other and dedicated themselves to building their relationship in the lifestyle. Lei had only been on in a few relationships, up to that point, before she met Ray and Rae. After their initial meeting, their three-way journey into the lifestyle began. Listen to their epic story, as this is the first part. Part 2 will follow next week.

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