Monogam-ish Podcast

Hosted ByJustina & Kenji Fullwood

Monogam-ish Podcast is a podcast dedicated to sharing stories about the community and culture of Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, and Swinging.

Episode 50: This Poly-Thing Over There

In this episode of Monogam-ish Podcast, Justina and Kenji welcome onto the show Chanel Bee. Chanel is a content creator, web designer, and marketeer. She tells us about her upbringing, early relationships, and how they shaped how she wanted to be treated later in life. Find out why Chanel is the exception to the rule of never entering the lifestyle as a way to fix your relationship. And why it is always hard at the beginning of exploring the lifestyle. Be sure to check out Chanel Bee at her links right here.

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