Love is Love

Welcome to Monogam-ish Podcast.  A podcast dedicated to sharing stories about the community and culture of Polyamorous and Swinging relationships. 


What We're All About

It’s time to come out of the shadows and embrace sex, pleasure, honesty, love, fun, and happiness! We are on a mission to end stigma and shame surrounding all types of consensual non-monogamy and to show you have options! Open minds want to know!!!

Our Episodes

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Episode 19: Free Like a Unicorn

On this episode of Monogamish Podcast.  Jen and Justina speak to the super sexy, Liz on living the life of a highly desired unicorn.  Liz also talks about her upbringing from a country girl dodging tornados at her family farm, to unraveling the misconceptions...

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Episode 18: Will There Be Boobs?

In his episode of Monogam-ish.  Jen and Justina converse with Roger and Jessica about their success and failures while navigating the swinging lifestyle. From their trepidatious beginnings to keeping track of limited and discontinued stylish footwear.

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Episode 17: Chatting at the Cool Kids Table

In his episode of Monogam-ish.  Jen and Justina speak to Avelina and Eugene about their journey into polyamory, from their humble beginnings in California to their wild exploits in Colorado.

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