Love is Love

Welcome to Monogam-ish Podcast.  A podcast dedicated to sharing stories about the community and culture of Polyamorous and Swinging relationships. 


What We're All About

It’s time to come out of the shadows and embrace sex, pleasure, honesty, love, fun, and happiness! We are on a mission to end stigma and shame surrounding all types of consensual non-monogamy and to show you have options! Open minds want to know!!!

Our Episodes

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Episode 22: Rules of Enlightenment

In this episode of Monogam-ish Podcast, Justina and Kenji are jointed by Daniel, a single male in the lifestyle, as he discusses his philosophy and rules for navigating the tumultuous seas of lifestyle. Listen as he breaks down his rules to find success and...

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Episode 21: The Guaranteed Bullet Man

On this triumphant episode of Monogam-ish Podcast.  Our hosts, Justina and Kenji welcome Dave and Ruth onto the show to talk about their journey into ethical non-monogamy, from their fateful voyage on a swingers cruise to starring in adult films.  Dave and Ruth prove...

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Episode 20: A Pleasant Surprise

Kenji and Mike speak alone, without Jen and Justina and they talk about their personal experiences in the lifestyle.   Mike tells his journey as a single man as a swinger before meeting Jen. Kenji talks about his observations in the lifestyle. 

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